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The Crew



Marty Rollins

Marty in front of the blinky lights

Marty in front of the blinky lights

As a veteran, Marty never has the concerns of his brother and sister warriors far from his mind.  Marty served in the United States Navy, and has used the discipline and service ethic learned there to inform everything he’s done since; whether it be working as an engineer at WCKA Alabama 810 AM 94.3 97.1 FM or hosting a podcast.  He is a proud father, husband, and provider.  Marty’s past experience as a leader makes him a natural fit as the CEO of Honest Answer Media, a duty which he discharges with a high level of professionalism and commitment.  He’s also pretty good with animals.

Casey Rollins

Casey in the wild

Casey in the wild

Before starting Honest Answer Media, Casey’s background primarily consisted of working in scientific endeavors; as a Veterinary Technician, Research Assistant, Zookeeper, and Analytical Chemist.  His work in the sciences, using a methodical approach to his work, makes Casey a good fit as COO of this operation.  Casey uses his proclivity to flapping his soup-coolers to great effect as co-host of the live show, and his editing and writing skills are applied to maintaining the website.

Tina Rollins

Tina, wife to Marty, is a one-woman sales force and business manager.  Extensive experience in sales and business management make Tina a valuable member of the team.  Since Honest Answer Media is a family business, we’d get nowhere without Tina’s ability to make lazy men go to work.  Tina helps to dilute the testosterone factor in Honest Answer, and keeps Marty and Casey grounded; which is not an easy task.

Jelena Anderson

Jelena Anderson

Jelena Anderson

Jelena has joined Honest Answer Media as a contributor to our blog.  Jelena writes on matters of faith and American life; and she brings a unique perspective to our website.  Jelena has this to say for herself:

I was born and raised in Germany, where I grew up in a catholic home; but it wasn’t until I moved to Alabama for my husband that I found Jesus, and was saved and born again. Although I fell in love with my husband first, I also fell in love with America and with Alabama. This is my home; this is where God has put me and where He has a plan for me. I am a legal immigrant working on (and saving up for) my citizenship so I’m currently not allowed to vote but that doesn’t mean that I don’t care about what is happening in this country. My heart cries out for the American people to turn back to God and once again become the great nation we all know and love:  A nation my husband fought for and my kids can be proud to call their home.

The Team

Honest Answer Media is a family business.  We keep Christ at the center of our work, and our faith in our Lord and Savior informs everything we do.  Politics is a dirty process, y’all.  In all the trouble, turmoil, and messiness of governance, the Honest Answer Media team worships as a family, and never forgets to keep 2 Chronicles 7:14 in mind.  “If My people, which are called by My name, will humble themselves, and pray, and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways; then I will hear from Heaven; I will forgive their sins; and I will heal their land.”

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Left to right; Casey and Marty Rollins. Photo by Jordan Rollins Duncan, taken at the Veteran’s Memorial Park in Anniston, Alabama.


Left to right: Casey, Marty, and Tina Rollins. Photo by Jordan Rollins Duncan; taken at Veteran’s Memorial Park in Anniston, AL.

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