What’s riskier than being poor in America? Question answered.

Over the weekend, if anybody was watching MSNBC, (and apparently enough were) they were treated to this histrionic rant by Melissa Harris-Perry.  I deliberately used the Huffpo link, rather than an analysis by a conservative site because, well, Huffpo makes me giggle.  Oh, the Humanity!  I forget which site I first visited to listen to Ms. MH-P, but my first thoughts on the subject resembled the late Arnold Horshack.  “Oo!  Oo!  Mr. Kotter, Mr. Kotter!  I know!”

It’s far riskier to open a business in America than it is to be poor.  The poor have several taxpayer-funded safety nets in place to catch them and keep them from starving and going homeless.  I think I can speak to this very well, being both poor by anyone’s standards and also trying to run a small business that has made me zero (0) dollars profit in over six years.  I personally receive no money from the federal government, or any government.  I have to work a part-time job that pays barely above minimum wage in order to keep pursuing my personal dreams.  I’m not complaining.  I was always taught that the only way to get anywhere is to work your tail off, and even then there are no guarantees of success.  There is no government agency rushing to aid my small company into profitability, either.  I’m thankful for that, actually.  Marty, Tina and I are determined to succeed or fail on our own efforts, and we have assumed all the risks, and they are myriad.  Every small business person in the country can attest to what I’m saying in this post, and maybe Ms.  Harris-Perry would do well to listen to more of us, and do less talking and table-pounding.

I know that old haint ain’t gonna do it, but I wish Melissa Harris-Perry would watch the clip below, and then keep her mouth shut about what she thinks; she only embarasses herself when she opines.