A Cry For Help

Let’s just admit it, y’all, and get the shameful fact out in the open:  Fauxcahontas, a.k.a. Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren, is cuckoo.  Bats-in-the-belfry.  Nuckin Futs.  It’s time we all acknowledged the good Senator’s problem, and sought help for her.  See for yourselves, by watching the short clip of Warren on the Today Show, found at PJ Media.  Short version:  Warren thinks all the political momentum is with the Democrats these days.  Don’t take my word for it, though.  Follow the link to the PJ Media site.

We should have tried to get mental health help for Senator Warren when she announced her belief that she is Native American, but even such a bastion of integrity as CNN only enabled Warren’s delusion with weak tea.  Now, according to the Senator’s own statement on the Today Show, we can clearly see that she’s off her rocker; she believes Democrats have the momentum, y’all.  Help this woman, someone; please get her on the appropriate medication.