A Curious Silence

Last night, I saw a PJ Media article titled, “Prosecution Gives Remarkable Glimpse of Hezbollah Inside America–And Media Yawns”.  Go ahead and read the whole thing, y’all.  It’s worth it.  From the PJM post, by Todd Bensman:

Because revelatory cases like these come around so rarely, this report seeks to underline what was missed or under-emphasized by mainstream media coverage — and also to put what wasn’t missed into proper context from a homeland security perspective. This report is based on a review and analysis of hundreds of publicly filed court records.

From a law enforcement intelligence perspective like mine, it is downright surprising that some suspect names were purposefully placed in the public realm, along with phone numbers, locations, entity names, and email addresses. These should have caused the opening of other investigations that may well be ongoing and could be at risk if targets are exposed.

At the same time, from a journalism perspective like mine, the absence of media exploitation of all this is just as surprising.

The report referenced above is a flood of documents related to the prosecution of one Ali Kourani, arrested in July 2017  for terrorist activities on behalf of Hezbollah.

Although the whole PJM post is chock full of details that will turn your head, I was mightily struck by this:

The arrests drew decent initial media coverage but not much since the case developed, and certainly none mentioning FBI 302s, or that Kourani’s brother was also a U.S.-based Hezbollah operative but went through deportation proceedings rather than prosecution, or that the father of these alleged terrorist brothers had himself smuggled over the U.S.-Mexico border. Instead, an October 15, 2018, pieceby the New York Times about the Ali case — whose reporter saw all of these documents — chose to concentrate on a defeated defense argument that mendacious FBI agents swindled the information out of Kourani. The claim was debunked by the presiding judge.  (emphasis mine)

In light of the current stream of honest, decent families streaming through Mexico on the way to our southern border, I’m thinking this is something that would be getting some major media attention.  I get that the Marxist/Maoist media isn’t going to report on things that contradict their sacred narrative and all, but a quick DuckDuckGo search on “Ali Kourani” listed precious few links relating to this story.  Yeah.  Conservative outlets aren’t giving Kourani’s arrest much, if any, space.

Also in the PJ Media report, is a link to this interesting website.  Check it out, too, while y’all are scratching your heads.

Y’all may want to write “Ali Kourani” on your hand, ’cause you WILL see this material again.