A Few Things to Consider on Radical Islamic Terror Jun05


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A Few Things to Consider on Radical Islamic Terror

Ah, Monday, thou treacherous witch.

There are a lot of things to consider after a weekend of terrorist mayhem.  I’ve got a lot of reading and watching to do, myself, to prepare for this week’s live show.  I want y’all to be prepared and informed, too, so I’ve made a selection of videos and internet posts to help y’all get an educated start to your week.

Over the weekend, there was yet another terrorist incident in the U.K. that resulted in civilian casualties.  Take a look at Lauren Southern’s analysis of the situation.

The mayor of London, whose last name is Khan, seems to think that residents of big cities should just expect fatal terrorist attacks.  Apparently, Ben Rhodes, former adviser to Emperor Barry I, agrees with and supports the London Mayor.  Folks on Twitter had a few things to say to Mr. Rhodes.  Check out this Twitchy record.

Why are so many attacks occurring in the U.K.?  Well, that’s complicated.  Tommy Robinson of Rebel Media is definitely on the case.  For at least one answer to a complicated question, just take a look what Mr. Robinson has put together.  Take notes, y’all.  You WILL see this material again.