A Little Something to Tide You Over

Since this is The Honest Answer page, I have to be totally honest with y’all:  Marty and I aren’t very good at scripted work.  We went into the studio and recorded a promotional spot for our terrestrial radio show, which we’ll be doing beginning on January 3.  We spent a couple of hours recording a one-minute spot.  After sober reflection over a couple of days, we realized that we didn’t like the spot.  Tina hated it.  We had to do it over.

Marty and I went back into the studio, re-wrote and re-recorded a new spot, which again took us a couple of hours.  We were happier with it, and  Tina liked the new one, so then the real production work began.  We are embedding the finished product here, so y’all can give it a listen.  This spot is airing from now until the show starts up in January.  Yeah, that means that Marty and I are going to have to record some new spots to play after that, so….we’ll just have to grit our teeth and get to work in the studio again.

After giving our spot a listen, keep scrolling down for a special Christmas greeting from our partner in Conservatism, Rod Eccles.  Merry Christmas, y’all!