A Lying Liar Lies About Her Lies

Nancy Pelosi on Meet the Press.  Photo is a screen-cap of the video.

Nancy Pelosi on Meet the Press. Photo is a screen-cap of the video.

Nancy Pelosi went on Meet the Press yesterday, and was confronted by David Gregory(!) about telling the country that if we liked our insurance we could keep it and other tall tales of CommieCare.  The Blaze covers her appearance here.

Nancy squirmed, hemmed, hawed, stuttered and stammered her way through the interview without ever once owning up to misleading the American people; even after David Gregory played the videos for her.  Looking like she’d bitten a sour lemon, Pelosi took a page from Baghdad Bob, in evading Gregory’s questions.  Californians in Nancy’s district:  Hey, y’all…..are y’all proud of sending a lying liar to represent you in Congress?  What else do y’all think she’s willing to lie about?  Don’t think for a minute that it’s just us calling Pelosi out on her lies.  Check out this post, and then see what Twitchy recorded from Twitter over the weekend.

A dangerous thing is happening here.  I almost brushed off this story and ignored it, because I’ve become so accustomed to hearing the lies.  It’s becoming too difficult to pick out the lies that are IMPORTANT when we are daily barraged with lies and evasions; Obamacare, Fast and Furious, Benghazi, IRS, NSA, State Department, ad infinitum.  When the highest officials in the government are lying to the People, finding the truth becomes ever more important.

Marty is outside right now, doing a little physical labor in an effort to clear his head.  He and I were talking, earlier, about how overwhelmed he and I feel with trying to keep up with the deception that pervades every facet of the federal government recently.  We are as dazed as y’all are, to be honest.  The consequence of being overwhelmed is that of complacency, of being too exhausted to call out the untruths as such.

If you missed Nancy Pelosi on Meet the Press this weekend, check out the video below.  Watch her squirm.  Marvel at the fact that David Gregory actually gave her some tough questions.  Remember the lies, though.  You will see this material again, as Marty is fond of saying.