A Quick Tour of Interesting Posts

Friday is a good time to look backwards, and look around us.  I’ve taken a sounding of the great and mighty Interwebz for y’all today, and found some great insights into the workings of our world.  Enjoy, y’all!

Ann Coulter exposes the mainstream media for being lying liars and crapweasels.  It’s brilliant stuff, too; for example:

The only reason our newspapers aren’t chockablock with reports of Latino sexual predators is that they are too busy broadcasting hoax news stories about non-existent gang-rapes by white men: the Duke lacrosse team (Crystal Gail Mangum), University of Virginia fraternity members (Jackie Coakley) and military contractors in Iraq (Jamie Leigh Jones). 

Read the whole article.  It’s very much worth it, y’all.

The F35 Joint Strike Fighter isn’t very good at dogfighting.  Is there anyone in the Pentagon who understands what an air-superiority fighter is supposed to do?  I’m just sayin’.

Rick Perry says what the other Republican candidates for President should be saying, but aren’t.

Twitchy records exactly how lame the lamestream media is; and as usual, it’s hilarious.

Here’s some more proof that the attacks on the Benghazi consulate in 2012 had nothing to do with any ridiculous YouTube video; and the Obama Administration knew it.  We already knew it, but FOIA requests have uncovered more internal memos.  This one is a good, quick read.

Since it’s Flashback Friday, today’s video choice is an old (2009) Afterburner episode.  The lameness of the lamestream media has been on my mind lately, and also the perfidy of the establishment GOP.  Bill Whittle exposes both in this review of the destruction of Sarah Palin.  Remember this when the Presidential campaign season kicks off for real, y’all.