A weak comeuppance at State

I was afraid that we as a nation would never really know the answer as to who at the State Department was responsible for the awful security lapse that resulted in four American deaths in Benghazi on September 11, but my fears proved groundless since the Accountability Review Board, an “independent” body, released an unclassified version of their report of the investigation into the incident. Those steely bureaucrats at the A.R.B. girded their loins, seized the importunate State Department bull by the horns, and recommended that State take a REALLY HARD LOOK at……middle management.   I know, right?  I’m sure you are as relieved as I am to witness this display of clerical chutzpah.  Four mid-level bureaucrats are jobless as a result.   Awe isn’t the word to describe my feelings right now.  Really, it isn’t the word.

I’ll stop the sarcasm now; most of it, anyway.  The Accountability Review Board did, I think, accomplish what they were tasked to do.  A.R.B. identified the mid-level positions that had control of implementing policy, and they exposed the culture of the State Department to be one of husbanding resources as a default position.  The task of identifying and holding accountable the higher-level ‘rats at State is left to Congress, and rightfully so.  Questioning Hillary and her undersecretaries is a job for our directly-elected representatives simply because they (our reps) are being paid to be as political as she (Hillary).

The report that the A.R.B. released (analyzed here by the NY Times) is, though, a typical piece of bureaucratic crap in it’s recommendations.  Three of the first six recommendations involve creating additional layers of bureaucracy within the Diplomatic Security section.  Really?  In order to save the lives of American diplomatic employees we need three more layers of bureaucracy?  Because nothing speeds up response times like paperwork, right?   Since arson was one of the weapons used by the terrorists who stormed the Benghazi mission, the A.R.B. also suggests additional training in the use of fire extinguishers for all diplomatic staff.  I am not making this stuff up.  I provided the link to the unclassified report above, and you should read the report yourself.  Seriously, dudes, you need to see it for yourselves so that y’all will understand exactly how your government operates.

I’m not the only one who isn’t content with the Accountability Review Board and their report.  Paul Mirengoff at the Power Line blog posted his own analysis here.  I suspect that there will be more good analysis coming from conservative new media today, and you can take it for granted that the Honest Answer will deal with it tonight when we go live.  We aren’t going to quit asking all of the many unanswered questions about that September day in North Africa.

I actually hope that everyone who reads this post will read the unclassified report, because in addition to revealing the bureaucratic thought-process, by reading the report you will see exactly how much information the mainstream media is going to ignore in it’s coverage of Benghazigate.  Remember, the lying liars and crapweasles (thanks again, Michelle Malkin) of the lamestream have to protect their President.  It’s up to folks who are “just bloggers” to keep demanding answers from the Obama administration and our national Parliament of Whores.