Aaaaand, Since We Were Gonna Go There, Anyway…

Infowars Logo. Photo is a screen capture from embedded link.

…let’s just get into censorship of Conservatives on social media, shall we?

While on our sabbatical break, both Marty and I were SORELY tempted to sound off earlier in the summer, when Alex Jones and others took a hit on the major social media outlets.  A lot of us saw it coming years ago.  I know Honest Answer Radio has had quite a bit to say about it in the past; and y’all can take it for granted that we ain’t going to be silent about censorship going forward.

As far as Alex Jones goes…well, Honest Answer doesn’t always roll with Alex Jones on everything.  The Sandy Hook stuff is a case-in-point issue.  Jones is right more often than wrong; but even if he wasn’t, when he gets banned from Twitter and Antifa’s account is still up, then there is a serious problem with bias.

Just to make it clear where we stand, here is one way to keep up with InfoWars.

Obviously, there is a lot more to say.  Over the coming days and weeks, you’ll see this material again, I promise.