America: The New Israel

Essay by Jelena Anderson, Honest Answer Media Contributor

America – the new Israel?

Israel has always been God’s chosen nation. He delivered them out of slavery in Egypt, sustained them in the wilderness for 40 years, led them to the Promised Land, and time after time after time He came to rescue them from their enemies; but at some point He allowed them to go into captivity in Babylon. Every time they turned their backs on Him, He allowed disaster to strike, in the form of war, death, suffering; but He was there to help and deliver and rescue as soon as they returned to Him.

Reading through the books of Judges, Kings I and II and Chronicles, you’d think the Israelites would’ve gotten smarter at some point; that there might have been somebody who had noticed a pattern, but they just kept on and on. They forgot about God, lived their lives as they pleased; suffering the consequences, begging God for help The Israelites praised God and then forgot about Him again.

It’s easy to forget God when we don’t need anything from Him; when He has provided everything and we feel like we can handle life on our own. How many times have we been wrong? How many times did we go running back to Him?

America was also a “Promised Land”. It promised religious freedom and freedom from persecution. America promised opportunities; it promised a future.Haven’t we all heard the saying “from dishwasher to Millionaire”? America promised all that and so much more.

America was a nation that trusted in God. We worshipped Him. We praised Him; and His favor was upon us. He delivered us. He sustained us. He prospered us. We were the ruling power of the earth, with nothing to fear.

Then we forgot about God. We didn’t need Him anymore, or so we thought. We turned away from God and worshipped false gods, just like the Israelites did. Our new gods are celebrities, movie stars. We admire them, love them, praise them. We want to be like them. We worship money; bigger and better cars, and houses. We want the best and we want to be the best. That’s all we focus on. It is the driving force behind everything we do. The status symbol – whatever it is at any given time – is the new god we serve..

The movie stars we love so much show us which religion to try out next. How many movements do we go through? How long do we experiment to find out what we liked best? Our movements are more important to us than a God we have long since forgotten. We take prayer out of schools. Every step we take towards so -called freedom leads us farther away from God and brings us one step closer to bondage we now suffer from.

Where is this freedom that we have been fighting for?

We have never been farther away from God than we are in this moment. And we have nobody to blame for it than ourselves – just like the Israelites all those years ago.

We are a divided nation, who can’t agree on anything, big or small.

Look at the men and women we have chosen to lead us. Whom do they serve? Certainly not God. What destruction have they caused; and not just in recent years?  It’s been going on for decades. The downfall of the great and mighty America didn’t begin with Obama, or Bush, or even Clinton.

It began with us. It began when we decided that we didn’t need God anymore.

Now look at the mess we are in. And it is only going to get worse. We are blind to what is really going on, blind to what a future going down this path will bring. We only care about the here and now; but the here and now is starting to look bleak as well.

Our nation has been under attack. We are fighting a war. The enemy is coming against us from all sides.

Is it not time to repent and to turn back to God again? When we will rise up again as a nation and say “Forgive us, Father, for we have sinned.”

It is not yet too late to ask God for help. He is a faithful and merciful God, but we need to take steps towards Him before He comes to our rescue.

We can still turn this around and be a prosperous nation under God again.

Will you stand up for God and cast down the idols and denounce the false gods? Or will we, too, have to go into captivity and suffer before we finally find our way back home again?