American Oppressionism According to the Libtards is Crazy


There is REAL oppression in the world outside of our comfortable borders, but the leftists don’t seem to see it, frankly.

For an example of what oppression really looks like, read this post from The Federalist.  From the article:

The Uighurs in western China, which borders Muslim countries, are seen as a troubling minority by the Chinese government. While Americans pretend that efforts to secure our borders portend some kind of massive racist malfeasance, something very close to an atrocity goes on in China and our progressive left is silent.

It is true that some Uighurs have committed terrorist acts in China, but the detainment policy is not meant to punish those who have committed acts of terror, but to prevent innocent people from ever doing so. The “reeducation camps,” as the Chinese euphemize them, are supposedly meant to make the Uighurs less susceptible to extremism. But the truth is far darker.

Read the whole thing.