An Alabama Senator draws attention for the RIGHT reasons

Update:  A day after this post, Powerline Blog posted this little piece of Jeff Session’s mind regarding Caitlin Halligan, Obama’s nominee to the D.C. Circuit Court. 


Lately I’ve been posting several articles about Senator Jeff Sessions from The Honest Answer’s district in Alabama.  The reason for that is Senator Sessions has, at times, seemed like the only adult in the room as far as the Senate goes these days. I’m not the only one who thinks so;  Michael Ledeen at PJ Media wrote a piece called ” Jeff Sessions for President”.   It’s a good read; and in his post, Ledeen tells us of Session’s eloquence in questioning Jack Lew, Skeeter’s choice for SecTreas.  Sessions kept the heat turned up all day, and didn’t mince words describing his displeasure with Jack Lew in his previous posting as head of OMB.

We all know that Jack Lew shouldn’t be trusted with a book of stamps, much less our Treasury, and Senator Sessions spent his time during Lew’s confirmation hearings detailing exactly WHY Lew is such a lousy choice.  Below is some great video from the Senate Chambers:

Now, I don’t agree with Mr. Ledeen regarding Sessions as a Presidential candidate, but I understand fully the impulse.  Republicans are looking around already trying to suss out the ONE MAN who can bring the country around to a small-government track, but Jeff Sessions isn’t the one for that, if such a man exists.  Alabama needs for Jeff Sessions to be where he is, doing what he is doing right now.  Every day I come in contact with blue-collar Alabama, and our Senator is saying things that my neighbors want him to say to Harry Reid and President Skeeter.  We at home understand that Reid controls the Legislative agenda, but we want our Senator to hold the Dems accountable for their inability to pass a budget; we also want Sessions to hold Obama, Holder, and Napolitano accountable for their illegal non-enforcement of immigration law.  In 2013, Jeff Sessions has taken a leadership role in the Senate in demanding accountability from the Executive branch and from his Progressive colleagues in the Senate.

Personally, I’d like for Sessions to stay right where he is, and focus on electing some Conservatives to the Senate in 2014.  One Senator from Alabama will be a lot more effective if he has a few more allies for backup; and we can start looking for Presidential material later.  There are some other good folks in the Senate; folks like Ted Cruz and Rand Paul, but there are damn few of them.  Mostly we are stuck with squishy marshmallows like Lindsey Graham and  Richard Shelby.  Oy.