An Interview with John Lehr

As promised, you can find our interview with John Lehr in yesterday’s live show, by following this link.  You can skip the Conservative politics if you want, and go to where the interview begins at the 61:30 mark.

Many thanks to John for giving us his time.  We hope to continue the conversation in the future as Marty and I try to do our part to engage in dialogue with people from all different walks of life, seeking the common ground instead of the battleground.

John Lehr has some of his comedy up at his website, here; and you can find his latest projects with Nancy Hower at  Quickdraw episodes can be found at Hulu.   I can’t stress enough the fact that you owe it to yourselves to visit the links.  Y’all need a good laugh, and pee-yourself-laughing humor is to be found at those links, I promise.