And Around the Web We Go…

Donut Operator being his awesome self. Photo is a screen capture of the embedded video.

I’ve done my usual Friday scouring of the internets so I could direct y’all to some of the more interesting posts and stories of the day/week.  Today’s effort produced some good stuff.  Enjoy the links, you bunch of deplorables!

President Trump heralds his own version of snap-back sanctions on Iran with an awesome tweet.  Oh, yeah.  This is good.

Nice Republic you got there.  It would be a shame if something happened to it.  Pelosi goes full mob on the country.  She’s a nasty ol’ heifer, ain’t she?

Was John Brennan the most inept CIA Director ever?  You decide, after checking out the story.  (h/t to Slashdot.)

This could possibly be a disturbing trend in higher education.  Maybe it isn’t so disturbing, though.

The price of unrestricted migration is having high-schoolers who look like they are 30 years old.  Apparently.  In England, anyway.

Project Veritas hits Beta O’Rourke’s campaign.  (misspelling IS intentional)

Is the power of public-sector unions on the wane?  Thanks to the Supreme Court and the Janus decision, it looks as if it may be.

Finally, I’m embedding a YouTube video by Donut Operator.  My friend, Redacted, sent this one to me on Discord, and it’s fabulous.  I highly encourage y’all to subscribe to DO’s channel.  Enjoy this one, y’all!