And Nuance, Like a River, Shall Flow Into NATO

Like a lot of y’all, I’ve been trying to wrap my head around what’s happening in the Ukraine, Crimea, Russia, NATO, and Eastern Europe.  Oh, yeah…..and the Baltic States, too.  (Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania).

First, y’all should read all of this post at the Washington Times, whose author, Dave Boyer, gives a report on the state of things in that part of the world, with the questions from Estonia’s President, Toomas Ilves.  After reading and digesting all that info, you may want to look at some internet maps to understand the geography.  After that, you’ll want to read a little history of the Baltic States in order to understand where President Ilves is coming from.

Too much?  Yeah, I know what y’all mean.  It seems like an awful lot of research to do just to figure out exactly which direction we should take in being critical of the Obama Administrations stupid, weak, and FECKLESS foreign policy.  I’ve already done all that stuff, but I don’t want y’all blindly trusting what I say.  Both Marty and I would rather that y’all did the research and came to the same conclusions through education.  If y’all approach things that way, though, you’ll be as disgusted with Obama, Kerry, and Biden as we are, and have the requisite indigestion that accompanies the awareness.

Here’s a quote from the WT article, speaking of Joe Biden saying that Russias actions in Crimea are “an almost unbelieveable set of events.”

His host, Polish President Bronislaw Komorowski, told Mr. Biden directly that Russia’s actions should not have come as a surprise, given Moscow’s significant increase in military spending.

“We have to take these simple data about the gigantic increase of the level of funding of the Russian armed forces as a challenge as well as a lesson to be learned for the future of the whole NATO,” Mr. Komorowski said.

Estonian President Toomas Ilves told Mr. Biden that Russia’s action in Crimea should be a wake-up call.

“We and NATO must draw our conclusions from Russia’s behavior in the current crisis; we need and must conduct a review of the entire range of NATORussia relations,” Mr. Ilves said, adding that the defense alliance’s principles toward Russia “don’t apply anymore.”

“There is no more respect for territorial integrity, for transparency,” said Mr. Ilves, whose country, like Ukraine, is a former Soviet republic and has a higher percentage of ethnic Russians — 25 percent of the population to Ukraine’s 17 percent. The protection of ethnic Russians was one of Mr. Putin’s principal justifications for invading Crimea.

If Barack Obama had not expressed his “flexibility” and John Kerry had left his bag-0′-nuance at home,then Putin wouldn’t be behaving in this aggressive manner.  Make no mistake:  Obama’s Administration is being laughed at and ridiculed, openly, by the Russians.  Nobody laughed at Ronald Reagan’s Peace Through Strength approach to foreign policy.  From the WT post:

Top Putin aide Vladislav Surkov, one of the seven Russian officials sanctioned, told a Russian newspaper that being on the U.S. blacklist is a “big honor” for him.

“The only things that interest me in the U.S. are Tupac Shakur, Allen Ginsberg, and Jackson Pollock,” he said. “I don’t need a visa to access their work. I lose nothing.”

The Progressive disdain for foreign policy approaches that have a proven record of success is, to quote Smokin’ Joe Biden, “naked and alone” for the world to see.

John "Nuance" Kerry

John “Nuance” Kerry