Andrea Mitchell Verbally Pimp Slapped By GOP Rep

Andrea Mitchell Stupid

Andrea Mitchell, being the good Democrat that she is, tried with all her might to take down mean ol’ Republican Congressman Sean Duffy and expose his hatred of America for all the world to see.

Yeah. It didn’t turn out quite like she thought it would.

You see, when your position is indefensible and all evidence is contrary to your narrative, you’re going to look like a raving jackass when you insist on declaring your narrative to be “truth”.

Watch the video below and you’ll see what I mean.

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Ouch…What happened Andrea? Did it hurt when that mean ol’ Republican laid the pimp hand down on you like that? You know…When he started fightin’ dirty with facts…Irrefutable facts? That was just rude. What he was supposed to do was sit there and let you paint him to be some kind of crazed puppy rapist that hates kids, old folks, God and ‘Murica.

Poor ol’ Andrea probably had to throw an extra Xanax in her Vodka Martini Dinner after the public beat down she had to endure. But, fear not for Andrea. She’ll be juuuust fine. She’ll get ’em all back when the re-education camps open up.