Angry, Unhinged Leftists on the Attack

Extremists.  Bigots.  Racists. Homophobes.  Sexists.  Violent.

Recognize those words?  We’ve been hearing them applied to Conservatives over and over again for the last eight years or so by the Fakestream media and other Leftist propagandists.  Marty and I, and others, have been saying all along that the Progressive Left throws out accusations to their opponents on the Right, accusing us of the very things that they (the Left) do, and are, themselves; with the understanding, of course, that these things are bad.  We’ve shown the evidence that our assertions are true, and we’ll continue to do so.

As we’ve already shown on these pages, Project Veritas has drawn the ire of some on the Progressive Left, through exposing their vile tactics.  Watch the embedded video, from Project Veritas.  As you will see, the Leftists are in full attack mode, this time going after a female reporter, and James O’Keefe himself, using disruption and slanderous insults.  Nice people, right?