Ann Coulter Tells Christians To Get A Backbone…And She’s RIGHT

Ann Coulter

Ann Coulter is arguably one of the most hated women in America…Well, hated by progressives and atheists, anyway. Her appearance on O’Reilly, last night probably didn’t do her any favors there, either.

In the interview, Coulter begins by saying that the media is “feeding us a bunch of fake stories”, alluding to the “hands up don’t shoot” and the “fake rape cases” at various universities. She goes on to say that this week, it just happenes to be the Christians that they’re going after.

That’s where the conversation gets interesting. Coulter says, “This is the most consequential nation on Earth and the fact that these Christians would rather get praise from the New York Times for changing bed pans of Ebola patients in Nigeria, rather than stand up to the New York Times and fight against abortion and fight against these bullies, and I don’t think gay bullies, I think it’s secular progressives or “liberals”, the media, they’re the ones who are trying to tear down this country by going directly after the heart of America, Christians….”

She went on to say, “…small town pizzaria owners have more Christian courage than the Christian leaders and certainly the Republican party…”

Casey and I have lamented about many of these same things on our own show ALL THE TIME. We’ve also said that one of our biggest issues with our fellow Christians is the battles they choose to fight.

So, what do you think?

Is Christianity having a crisis of courage?