Anti-Obamacare candidate for Senate is raising funds in record time

According to this post at Breitbart, Ben Sasse has raised over 750k in campaign funds in only 8 weeks, announcing his candidacy as being “anti-Obamacare”.  That’s a lot of campaign dough, folks.  I wonder if that message will get through to Johnny McRino?  I doubt it.  McCain, Graham, etc. have shown that they don’t listen to real people; just consultants like Mr. Rove.  From the Breitbart article:

A college president in his hometown of Fremont, Nebraska, Sasse is a newcomer to politics, but he has spent much of the past decade working on healthcare issues. As a top advisor to President Bush’s Health Secretary, Sasse worked to cut red tape and pushed market-based solutions over government mandates. Sasse also spent several years traveling the country giving speeches and advising companies about the dangers of Obamacare and how it will hike costs, constrict innovation and ultimately provide terrible health care.

I like the fact that Mr. Sasse is a newcomer to running for political office.  You go, Ben Sasse.  The Honest Answer will be following your candidacy and wishing you well.

h/t Drudge Report