Are We Really Gearing Up To Go To War in Syria???

chemical attack syria

As if the United States didn’t have enough to deal with, we are now hearing reports that the US, along with it’s British and French partners are gearing up to take some kind of action in Syria. These reports come on the heels of other reports of chemical weapons being used against innocent civilians in that war-torn country. The big question remains: WHO used those chemical weapons? Assad? The “Rebels”? Could it have been a third party?

The fact remains that we just don’t know. Assad agreed to allow the UN weapons inspectors in, over the weekend. Unfortunately, according to the UN, those inspectors were fired upon “multiple times by multiple unidentified snipers”.

We all remember President Obama declaring the use of chemical weapons as a “red line”. You don’t? Well, here it is.

Since the “red line” has been crossed, there have been multiple calls for US intervention on some level and Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel said Sunday that the US was prepared for “all contingencies”.

Amid calls for action, there have been many calls for caution, as well. Russian President, Vladimir Putin claims there is no evidence to conclusively say that the chemical weapons attack came from the Syrian Government. Putin went further stating, “Assad is winning. What would be the point?” Suggesting that it wouldn’t be out of the realm of possibilities for the “Rebels” to use such a weapon and use it in a manner that would suggest that the attack came from the Syrian government.

Peter McKay from the UK’s Daily Mail says, “The Sarajevo-style plotters of today ā€” Al Qaeda and associated jihadists ā€” dream of forcing rival blocs to take sides in a great war, in the hope it will somehow usher in a new, world-wide Islamic imperium.

In his article McKay notes the similarities between the war torn Middle East of today with the war torn middle east of 1914. In 1914, in the Middle East, there were hard-liners willing to strap bombs on and hurl themselves into oblivion for their causes, too. In the end, it only took the death of a fairly obscure Archduke to ignite a global conflict that left much of Europe in ashes.

The United States has one true ally in the region and that is Israel. Other than Her defense, do we REALLY have any interest in choosing sides, here?