Baltimore: The Progressive Success Story

I know, I know.  It just SEEMS like Baltimore is falling into chaos, but according to people like Sally Kohn, a big Progressive; Baltimore is rising, y’all.  It may be confusing, but apparently riots are what happens when a city is coming up in the world.  This is Progressive logic.

Make no mistake, folks.  What’s happening in Baltimore is getting the full-throated support of the Progressive media.  Don’t take my word for it, though; please don’t.  Take a look at this post on Vox.   I know.  That’s not enough evidence.  No problem.  Here’s another Progressive angle from Salon.  The Salon writer, among other things, says:

I do not advocate non-violence—particularly in a moment like the one we currently face. In the spirit and words of militant Black and Brown feminist movements from around the globe, I believe it is crucial that we see non-violence as a tactic, not a philosophy.

If you can’t get what you want by using your words, then it’s okay to use your Molotov cocktail.  I’m a pretty imaginative guy, but you can see that I ain’t making this stuff up, y’all.  What’s happening is Baltimore is Progressivism by fire.  The violence and looting is a feature, not a bug;  Progressive success, in other words.

Photo is a screen-cap of the video below.

Photo is a screen-cap of the video below.

Democrat and Republican are just names of political parties, not a reflection of ideology.  Our beloved Country is divided into two groups.  Those who believe in this grand experiment in self-government, and those who believe in governance by a self-appointed elite.  One group loves freedom, and the other group is going to do to you what they think is best for you, whether you want them to or not.

Progressives are, of course, the latter group.  I have plenty of friends and relatives who call themselves Progressives, who don’t understand that the word means more than societal evolution.  When the Progressive version of societal evolution is spelled out, though, most people frankly don’t like the spelling.  “Oh, no,” they say, “that’s not what it means to be a Progressive.”  Riiiight.  Those same folks never want to take a clear-eyed look into the roots of the Progressive movement.

In the coming days and weeks, you will find on this page a series of posts wherein Marty and I will be laying out for you the roots and the effects of the Progressive mindset.  We’ve talked about this stuff on the air until we’re blue in the face, and we’ve tried to get people to do their own research.  I know that most of our audience is pretty well-informed, but, just like it says in the Declaration of Independence, a decent respect to the opinions of mankind says that we oughtta spell this stuff out in black-and-white.  We’re gonna strip the clothes off the Progressive agenda, and show it in it’s nekkid glory.  In the meantime, see the video below, for a little nekkid progress.