Believe All Women Unless They Accuse A Democrat

The headline says it all.  We are told that we must believe all women, no matter what.  Evidence of wrongdoing is not required, you sexist pigs.  Unless….

Well, in the case of Keith Ellison, it seems that maybe the leftists are keeping sort of quiet about this story.  From Lifezette:

Karin Housley, the Republican nominee for U.S. Senate (shown above left), has officially requested an investigation into the allegations of domestic abuse against Rep. Keith Ellison (above right).

Ellison, a Democrat running for attorney general in Minnesota, has been accused by his former girlfriend of physical and emotional abuse throughout the time they dated.

As you will see when you follow the above link, Ellison himself has called for an investigation into the allegation.  Why investigate?  If we are now supposed to believe all women, Ellison should just turn himself in and confess to his crimes.

In the meantime, Spartacus, knowing that men can’t and shouldn’t be believed, has incriminated himself.  See how that works?  Genius, that is.