Blood for Guns, Soda for Submarines, and Investigations Galore

The Honest Answer isn’t covering the funeral of Bush 41, y’all.  It’s everywhere you look, so we’ll let others do the coverage and commentary of that particular historic event.  Instead, I’m offering another sweep of the news, and of history.  Be sure to follow all the links.  With the exception of the History Guy piece at the end of this post, the articles to which I’m linking all represent material that you WILL see again in the coming days and weeks.

Rep. Swallwell wants your guns, even if it means confiscation and death.  From The Right Scoop:

Rep. Swalwell, some people are going to fight rather than cave in, so what’s the number of bodies you would be willing to pile up to win? Let’s put aside the right or wrong of resistance; it’ll be a thing. It’ll happen. You’re from near San Francisco, so you don’t know any real Americans, but even though I am from that hellhole too, I’ve met a few Americans in my travels. They are an ornery people who don’t give in to the kind of bullying you advocate. So, you’re going to have to kill some people to do what you want, and I just want to know how many you’re prepared to off to achieve your goal.

After all, it’s not as if you Democrats don’t already have a history of killing people for having guns you disapprove of.

More violence in France is anticipated, since Macron can’t seem to get a grip.

For a change, the US House of Representatives is going after somebody’s emails that ain’t Hillary’s.  It’s about time, too.

The emails in the link above could possibly put some people into orange jumpsuits.  Again, it’s way past time for a high-level perp walk.  I’m just sayin’.

Bob Mueller may wish he’d never heard of Mike Flynn before all this is over.  Moral:  Perjury traps are an evil.

History can be just plain weird.  The History Guy reminds us all of things that we shouldn’t forget.  I have watched a lot of these videos from the Guy, and been delighted with all of them.  Partisan politics can, and should be, set aside when presenting history for educational purposes.  The History guy is awesome at that sort of thing.