Bob Woodward ain’t the only reporter dealing with blowback from criticizing the President

Update:  Well, it looks like Woodward is having a great laugh today, for playing his colleagues like a violin, as you can see from this post at the Caller.  Well played, Bob.  Of course, now we have yet another Leftist “journalist” making exaggerated claims of persecution.  We were trolled.  No hard feelings, here, but we will be ignoring any comments from Bob Woodward in the future, since he just revealed that he can’t be trusted to be honest.  Of course, there are still the claims from Lanny Davis and others that Skeeter’s Bleaters are a petulant, thin-skinned bunch, and that accusation still sticks.

Bob Woodward doesn’t have to feel lonely, anymore.  As the Daily Caller reports, Lanny Davis has also faced the wrath of a butthurt Administration.  Davis, you may remember, is a former White House special counsel to Bill Clinton; he now writes for the Washington Times.

Woodward and Davis are expressing their grievances, but apparently nasty emails to reporters is par-for-the-course with this Administration.  See this post and you’ll understand. Obummer Narrative Axelrod

I’m not outraged over the Minions of Skeeter sending threatening notes to so-called “journalists”.  The ones who are getting the emails are largely liberal reporters who helped elect Obummer, and I fail to see why they should be surprised at the Presidential Petulance.  Suck it up, boys, and take your medicine.