Bombing Daesh Isn’t Accomplishing Much

The United States has been dropping tons and tons of bombs on Iraq and Syria in an effort to “degrade” the Islamic State’s ability to take and hold territory; but the bombs aren’t really accomplishing much.  Take a look at this post at Defense One, and watch the video embedded in the article.

The video will show you that no matter how many bombs we’ve dropped, Daesh has only increased it’s hold over central Iraq and most of Syria.  As this post in the Wall Street Journal shows, our bombs did nothing to prevent the Islamist savages from destroying monuments in Palmyra.

I haven’t written about the US struggle against Daesh lately.  It’s not because I don’t care, or that the struggle against the Islamic State isn’t relevant.  Honestly, I’ve come to a realization that is uncomfortable to articulate, but here it is:  Only boots on the ground will win a struggle against Daesh.  I’m not advocating a ground war in the Middle East; but we have to face the reality that wars cannot be won from the air, because bombs don’t take and hold ground.  Bombs just explode things and people.

The situation in the Middle East is an even bigger mess than it used to be, y’all, and there are no signs that things will improve.  Knowing that, it must be acknowledged that the United States is facing a war that it can’t win without US forces on the ground in large numbers.  In the face of Islamist fighters, Iraqi troops abandon perfectly good US-supplied weapons and equipment and run like scalded dogs; so it’s obvious that Iraqi soldiers are not going to win battles in their own country.

Again, I’m not saying that we SHOULD re-invade Iraq, or invade Syria.  I think it’s time, though, that we acknowledge reality.  We need to decide if taking and holding ground in Iraq and Syria is something that we want to do, or need to do.  In the meantime, we are wasting precious resources by dropping bombs and maintaining aircraft in support of people who can’t, or won’t, fight evil in their own countries.  If we decide that our interests are served by destroying ISIS ourselves, then we need to commit to winning, give our troops a clear path to victory, and turn them loose to do the job.