Boots on the Ground needs your help

America has lost over 7000 military, firefighter, and police in the line of duty since September 11, 2001.  Boots on the Ground will be a traveling memorial, with an empty, worn boot representing each and ever fallen service-member, but they are a few boots short of what they need.  I was contacted over the weekend, and on Saturday night, there was a 1400-boot shortfall.

Y’all, it’s gonna suck badly if every single person who gave all they had is not represented in the memorial, so Marty and I are sending out this call for some boots.  The particulars can be found at the Stone Soup website, as well as the contact information for the Gold Star Mother who is leading the charge to memorialize our fallen heroes.  Please pay a visit to the link and see if you can help.  All they are asking for is some old, worn combat boots to complete the memorial.