Boycotts Don’t Work, According to CBS Shill

Myth-making, narratives unsupported by fact, and “inclusiveness” are what is being sold in the embedded video clip.  Are y’all buying what they’re selling?

Look:  Here at Honest Answer Radio, we aren’t really “boycotters” over political issues.  Let me explain why.

Several times in my past, I’ve worked for employers whose upper management frequently held political opinions and biases that I did not share.  I’ve never worked for a company that got boycotted, and for that I’m thankful.  I’ve needed every job I’ve ever had, and it would have been very painful to have been downsized merely because some corporate jerk shot their mouth off in the media, and ticked off our customers.  The corporate fat cats very seldom pay the price of their politics, unless, of course, they at some time in their past failed to vigorously support the gay community, like the ex-boss of Mozilla.  It’s usually people further down the corporate food-chain who lose the political battles; hence my lack of support for boycotts.

This deal with Target and their bathroom policy is a public safety issue, though, that transcends politics; something that the clowns in the lamestream media are hoping that y’all won’t notice.  In the embedded clip, there is not a mention of the real, historical tendency of sexual predators to use “inclusiveness” to prey on the innocent.  Instead, what you are being told is that companies who aren’t “inclusive” are on “the wrong side of history”.  I was hoping for some sort of evidence to back up the statement, but, of course, there is none.  Hey, y’all….don’t take my word for it.  Watch the clip and see for yourselves.