Broadsides to the Brain Jul26


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Broadsides to the Brain

Last year, I came across this little broadside by John Bolton, and had to have it.  I read it in one sitting, and was a better man for it.  I love the written word, and I love to read books that combine conciseness and expressiveness successfully.  This is probably because I fail at both, and admire those who are able to consistently hit the target.  With that love of literature in mind, I am recommending a book which I haven’t read but intend to.  The only reason this book is not in my collection is because it isn’t available for purchase as of yet.  Trust me, though, tomorrow (payday for me) I’m pre-ordering my copy of The New Leviathan:  The State Vs. the Individual in the 21st Century.  Why?  Because it is a collection of Encounter Broadsides like the one by John Bolton linked above.

It is due to my love of the written word that I found out about The New Leviathan.  Every day, I check The Powerline Blog so that I can feed both my appetite for conservative political thought and my love of good writing at the same time.  I know I’ve mentioned them before, but I can’t say enough nice things about the guys at Powerline, even at the risk of gushing.  Today, Scott Johnson posted this over there, and hence made my day.