Budgets, the Navy, and Readiness

In the height of a contentious Presidential election season, it’s easy to forget that there are other things going on, things that may be very important.  I think we can all agree that the readiness of our US Navy is a big deal.  It’s a sure bet that our enemies around the world keep a close eye on what our Navy does, and what it has in it’s inventory.

I’ve written before about the Littoral Combat Ship, and the desires of our Navy to commission 52 of these ships into service.  The LCS program has received cuts, which horrifies our Navy leadership, and understandably so.  In the clip below, Jeff Sessions, in the Senate Armed Services Committee, asks questions regarding the need for the LCS program.  This is one of the few procurement programs, by the way, which may even come in under budget, if the Navy gets the number of ships asked for under the program.  Congress, in its infinite wisdom, has cut back on the numbers that it thinks the Navy should have, hence the questions from Senator Sessions.  Give the video a look, and take a break from the election coverage for a moment.