Can We Have a Third Great Awakening? Please?

The headline refers to the Great Awakenings of Christianity that have previously  occurred in our nation.  The First Great Awakening began in the middle of the eighteenth century, and the second happened in the late eighteenth century and lasted into the middle of the nineteenth century.  Marty, Tina, and I, and many others, believe that it is time for a Third Great Awakening.  As you will see in the embedded video, after what happened at Restoring Unity in Birmingham, AL over the weekend, Glenn Beck, David Barton, and others seem to think that we are already experiencing a Great Awakening even now.

You may have noticed a slight decrease in the number of updates on this website; there is a reason for it.  God is working.  His Holy Spirit is moving, and I’m taking a serious look at how we cover the stories that appear on this website.  I don’t know what’s going to happen, but a change is coming.  I ask that you pray for Marty, Tina, and I, and Jelena, as well.  We all desire to be at the center of an Awakening, and we desire strongly to do the Will of God.  Pray for us to be alert to the Voice of the Holy Spirit, and for us to have the courage and boldness to do what is asked of us.  Pray for our country, and pray for our media to wake up and be honest about what is already happening in churches, workplaces, and homes in America.  See Marty’s post from yesterday, and understand that we are not alone.  Thanks, y’all.