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Channel 1


Channel 1

Well, this is the first day of living in our new website home, designed and implemented by Rich Brooks.  We asked Rich to cook up a nice, clean interface for our visitors to enjoy, and we think he succeeded in splendid fashion.  Working with Rich has been easy and comfortable.  The Honest Answer hopes that you find Rich’s design for us to be as easy and comfortable, as well.  As usual, we want to hear from you about it, after y’all have lived with it for a week or so, send us a message.  Contact information is located under the appropriate tab on the home page.

Content is being uploaded today, and every day from now on.  We’ll get new stuff posted as fast as our T1 connection will let us.  We’ve spoken on the air about some of our goals for the very immediate future.  We said, “days not weeks” for some things, an “weeks not months” for some other things.  Hopefully, y’all will be getting the point that we DO actually have a plan, and are in the midst of executing that plan.  The new website is one of the first steps in the process.  This place is the central portal to all things Honest Answer.  Over the next few days, all of the empty Channels will be filling up with content, some of which is already on the little USB stick sitting beside this laptop.

Sit back and enjoy the ride.