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The Rod Eccles Show

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You can tune in to The Rod Eccles Show live Monday thru Friday at 9-12am Eastern, 8-11am Central.  Also, please visit Rod’s web page at  You can call in to the live show and speak with Rod Eccles at 603-835-3226



Rod Eccles

Rod Eccles

Rod Eccles is the host of the nationally syndicated radio show, The Rod Eccles Show. He is The Coolest, Most Politically Incorrect Conservative Black Man on the Planet and he is being dubbed the new black Rush Limbaugh of our time.When the mic comes on, Rod translates his mastery of the written word into the mastery of the spoken word. This is evident when he is on the air as the host of the exciting and insightful fast- growing syndicated radio talk show, The Rod Eccles Show. It’s a daily program that garners more than 100,000 listeners each and every month; and that audience is quickly growing.
 Rod also travels around the country making keynote speeches to Tea Party and Republican Organizations. If you would like to book Rod for your event please email his agent, Laura Stietz, at