Check Out the Socialist Utopia of Venezuela

Yay, Socialism!

For today’s Friday Funtime, I thought I’d give y’all a virtual vacation to a  Socialist Utopia.  Y’all know, of course, that Socialism is making a popular comeback here in the US with the Presidential run of Vermont’s fair-haired boy, Bernie Sanders.  Sanders is getting rave reviews from college students and Hollywood celebrities, who think that his Socialist message is uplifting and stuff.

Never let it be said that Honest Answer Radio doesn’t respond to messages of hope.  With that in mind, I’m embedding a video which will transport y’all across the Caribbean Sea to the latest vacation spot for those who are feelin’ the Bern.  Enjoy your virtual tour of Venezuela, the Worker’s Paradise.

Now, one would think that in light of the astounding success of Socialist policies here in our own hemisphere, that Bernie would be touting the amazing success of his political ideology.  Strangely, though, Bernie doesn’t really want to talk about Venezuela.  I’m sure it’s his natural modesty that keeps Sanders silent about our neighbor to the South.  Yeah.