Chicago is a Hot Mess Under Mayor Emmanuel’s Leadership

Okay, the headline might be a little unfair; after all, Chicago has always been a political hot mess.  I think the case can be made, though, that Mayor Emmanuel isn’t helping the city very much.

Take a look at this post at Breitbart, and you’ll see what I mean.  From the Breitbart article:

Chicago’s 47th annual gay pride parade was disrupted several times by the usual city disruptions — gang activity, gunshots, and drunks — but the event was also disrupted by a car driving into a group of bystanders. Then there was an even larger interruption by “black lives matter” protesters.

So, it seems that Chicago’s Gay Pride parade had a few disruptions; a car driving into bystanders, the usual drunks and gunfire (in one of the most heavily gun-controlled cities in the US, by the way) and then a counter-protest by a “black lives matter” group.  Things got even more weird, because then a group of queer black people demanded more attention than everybody else.  Don’t take my word for it, y’all.  Read more from the Breitbart post:

After noting that they had “purposefully disrupted the Chicago Pride Parade,” the queer group explained their reasoning.

“We do so,” the group said, “because our people are dying at the hands of police, military and state-funded militias around the globe. We do so because we refuse to be tokenized by the same corporations that sponsor state violence, refuse a living wage and profit off our poverty. We do so because young queer people need a better outlet to celebrate themselves than a mire of consumption and sexual violence.”

Okay, y’all.  I think it’s time we started laying the blame for all this oppression on the current party in power in Chicago; and they can’t turn around and blame this one on George Bush, or any Republican, because Chicago is, and has been, firmly in Democrat control.  Congratulations, Democrats.  You’ve made a mess, but I don’t think you can clean it up.  If you could have, you would have; I’m just sayin’.