Chicken Littles Get Sent to School

It’s Friday…..and y’all know what that means, right?  IT’S FRIDAY FUN-TIME, Y’ALL!

Y’all remember, of course, the story of Chicken Little and how he went around telling everybody that the sky was falling.  Al Gore and his team of political prostitutes have won 2 Oscars for what Chicken Little got excoriated for, and it’s about time they got a good, public comeuppance.  Enter Steven Crowder.  Watch the video below, and see Crowder gloriously plow his way through 5 of the most pernicious myths that the “climate change” folks, like Al Gore and Bill Nye, love to promulgate.  In addition to being fun, and funny, Crowder gives all of us skeptics some valuable ammo to use when we debate the carbon-footprint pimps of the Progressive left.  Enjoy!  (Warning…some NSFW language.)