China Thinks War With US “Inevitable” Over South China Sea

Yeah, y’all read that headline correctly.  According to this post in The Telegraph, China thinks that they will soon be at war with the United States over China’s development of the Spratly Islands.  From The Telegraph:

Global Times, a tabloid newspaper run by the Communist Party, said that China might have to “accept” there would be conflict with the United States.

“If the United States’ bottom line is that China has to halt its activities, then a US-China war is inevitable in the South China Sea”, said the paper, which is often seen as a mouth-piece of hardline nationalists in the government in Beijing.

For a refresher on this conflict, see my previous post on the Spratly Islands here.  The Australian website says that China’s military is keeping it’s options open, up to and including a “counter-attack”.  From the Australian:

“The strategic concept of active defence is the essence of the Communist Party of China’s military strategic thought,” the white paper says. “From the long-term practice of revolutionary wars, the people’s armed forces have developed a complete set of strategic concepts of active defence, which boils down to the adherence to the unity of strategic defence and operational and tactical offence; adherence to the principles of defence, self-defence and post-emptive strike; and adherence to the stance that ‘we will not attack unless we are attacked, but we will surely counter-attack if attacked’.”

I told y’all that you would see this material again.  I’m saying it now.  Be assured, The Honest Answer is going to continue to monitor this situation.