CMP Turns Up the Heat in New PP Video

Oh, man.  Y’all, the Center for Medical Progress is destroying Planned Parenthood’s talking points with every sting video that they (CMP) release.  Remember the video from yesterday, where a PP official looked a CNN reporter in the face and said that CMP wasn’t talking to anyone on the financial side of PP operations?  Maybe y’all should take a minute, replay that video, and refresh your memory.

The latest video, released a little over an hour ago on YouTube, answers any objection.  I’m embedding the video here for you.  Be warned:  the video, towards the end, contains some things that are graphic, and may upset some viewers.

It’s getting to be tough for Planned Parenthood to maintain their credibility, y’all.  Keep praying, and keep pushing for the defunding of Planned Parenthood.