CNN, CNN Anchor Prove Thickheaded in Carson Interview

CNN, it’s anchors, and producers will apparently go to great lengths to smear Ben Carson.  I want y’all to watch the embedded video, and you’ll see what I’m talking about.  The anchor/interviewer brings up to Carson a misquote, saying that Carson advocated using drone strikes to enforce the security of the Southern border with Mexico.  While Carson is correcting the anchor, saying that he’d never advocated using drones against people, the letters at the bottom of the screen read, “Carson:  Use drone STRIKES to secure Mexico border” (emphasis mine).  Later, after Ben Carson had to repeatedly assert that he never wanted, and never even said that he wanted, to use drones against people, the CNN anchor kept getting Carson’s statement wrong, before finally allowing Carson to have a “read my lips” moment.  CNN corrects the statement at the bottom of the screen to read “Carson:  Use drones to enforce the Mexico border”.   If anyone were watching CNN with the sound off, and only saw the first couple of minutes, they’d think that Ben Carson meant to blow people up with drone strikes, an impression that would most emphatically NOT be relieved by CNN’s half-hearted “correction” in the print below Carson’s picture.  A better, less ambiguous correction (and, hence, the more ethically honest one) would have read, “Carson:  No drone strikes against people to secure the Mexican border”.  Watch the video below, and see what you think.