CNN’s Cynthia Tucker Refers To Dr. Ben Carson As A GOP “Token”

CNN has hit an all-time low. In a VERY condescending editorial, Cynthia Tucker asserted that while Dr. Carson is a “very admirable man” and she can certainly understand why conservatives are enamored, it is clear to her that the only reason for courting such a man would be to lure more black voters to the Republican cause.

Ben Carson

But she says “black voters tend to be more discerning than that. They have shown an unerring instinct for rejecting condescension and dismissing tokenism.”

Thank God Dr. Carson is a gracious man. He was on with Megyn Kelly this afternoon. Here’s how he deals with these kinds of personal attacks.

Dr. Carson, whether you ever run for a public office or not, I’m thankful to have had you in our society. Your’s is truly one of America’s greatest success stories.