Colorado legislature may pass bill banning normal-capacity magazines Feb15


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Colorado legislature may pass bill banning normal-capacity magazines

The Denver Post is reporting that the Colorado House passed, by voice vote, a bill that would ban what the Post refers to as “high-capacity magazines”.  Magpul and Alfred Manufacturing both have declared that they will move their businesses out of Colorado if the bill (House Bill 1224) passes.

“Nobody wants your guns”.  I hear that all the time from the Progressives.  Of course, any magazines that contain enough rounds with which to actually defend oneself must be banned, and  legal gun-owners in Colorado are just supposed to suck it up.  Democrats in the Minnesota House walk out en masse during testimony by two firearms experts, and gun owners in MN now have to wonder how to have a “conversation” about gun laws when the other side isn’t there to talk; or listen.

President Skeeter and his adoring press keep telling us that we can have “common sense” gun laws without infringing on our 2nd Amendment rights, as if we haven’t already gone far beyond what is common or sensible with gun legislation.  Obama and his cheerleading media believe that enough people are stupid and unaware of when they are being lied to; and a distressingly large amount of the time they are right.  There are STILL people out there who think that Obamacare was a good deal for the country, after all.

Coloradans:  Y’all better be phoning your State Representatives and let them know how you feel, is all I’m sayin’.