Conservatives Need Some Support, Y’all

Today, in my YouTube feed, the video that I’m embedding below appeared.  Watch Zo’s video.  More after the break.

Look, y’all…Alfonzo Rachel is not being paranoid.  I think y’all know that YouTube and other social media outlets are heavily biased against Conservative voices, so I won’t belabor that point.  Zo did a good enough job, there, with his video.

We need Alfonzo Rachel.  Zo, coming from a musical background, reaches parts of the culture that some other voices don’t, and can’t, reach.  I like sharing Zo’s work, because he is a Christian man, and his work can be shared to people from my local church community without me having to worry about possible obscene content; the man is funny without being nasty.  I know for a fact that some of Honest Answer’s audience are Zo fans, too, ’cause y’all share his videos on Facebook.  I guess what I’m saying is that we need to keep supporting the fella, and others like him, because the deck is stacked against Conservatives on social media these days.

Show Zo some love, y’all.  Share his stuff with others.