Deja Vu: Comey, House Oversight, and Hillary’s Email Server

The House Oversight and Government Reform Committee questioned FBI Director James Comey again today regarding the circumstances of immunity from prosecution and the events and people surrounding Madam Secretary’s private email server.  To say that there was tension in the room is a monumental understatement.  At one point, Trey Gowdy sarcastically remarks that nine Democrat members of the Committee spoke to the FBI Director without asking for immunity, saying, “That’s a record”.  From that, you may infer that the Republicans doing oversight are frustrated with the FBI for giving immunity to Cheryl Mills, Brian Pagliano, and two members of a private internet security firm.

For his part, Comey appears to be quite frustrated with Congress.  I would suggest to Director Comey that he isn’t the only person in the country who has some harsh feelings towards our directly-elected Representatives, but his frustration with that body may be the result of his own actions with regard to the FBI’s investigatory methods and processes surrounding Hillary Clinton and her staff.

I’m embedding some video below.  All of it is worth watching, and in instances revealing of how our tax dollars are being used.

First, Chairman Chaffetz questions Comey:


Trey Gowdy gets a shot:


And then Jim Jordan has his turn with Director Comey: