Democrats and the English Language

I’m  trying to help, here; I want that understood.

Democrats and Leftists (Sorry for the repetition) sometimes, in certain situations, have problem with English.  In the spirit of reaching out to one’s political opposition, I’m going to try to be helpful; and point out one minor definitional usage error, and maybe, in a small way, help calm the troubled waters of the Sea of American Politics.  That’s just how we roll at Honest Answer Radio.

Our example today will be this excellent reportage from LifeZette about a CNN panelist’s use of “One-off instances” to describe recent left-leaning mob attacks of Republicans.  Let’s discuss the “One-off instances” as used by Symone Sanders in the video clip at the link.

Sanders uses the word, “instances” in her phrasing, which is a plural form of the word, “instance.”  I’m pretty sure that the phrase, “one-off” refers to something that only happens once.  You see the contradiction in terms there, right?  Something that is singular can’t be plural at the same time.  In this case, I believe “one-off instances to be structurally flawed, in terms of English language usage.

I don’t mean to get too political in this post, but I can’t help but think of this recent situation.

Oh, dear.  I’m also reminded of this situation, where a left-leaning PAC operative harassed and injured a female Republican campaign manager.

I’m sure I don’t mean to appear alarmist, but if this sort of “one-off” behavior continues to be encouraged by CNN and their comrades, somebody might get hurt quite badly.

All I’m saying is that language matters, y’all.  If language doesn’t matter, why do the Leftists keep changing it, and its meaning?  I’m sure it’s just oversight, or carelessness, but I feel a strong urge to be helpful in clearing up these little issues for our more Marxist and Maoist friends.

There may or may not be a touch of sarcasm in this post.