Dems Again Fail to Learn From the Past

Remember back during the Presidential primary elections how Bernie Sanders faced the huge superdelegate problem in getting nominated over Hillary Clinton for the Democrat candidacy?  Remember how Bernie lost that contest?  Of course you do.

Remember, during the Presidential race, when Wikileaks dumped those documents showing that the Democrats were totally in the tank for Hillary and conspired against Bernie, causing massive protests at the DNC, and the forced resignation of Debbie Wasserman-Schultz as DNC chair?  Of course you do.

Learning from the past is something that political movements should do, right?  I think so, and I’m pretty sure that those who read these pages agree.

The point of all the above verbiage is that it appears that the Democrat Party has either the shortest of memories, or else they truly don’t give a rip about the feelings of their base.  I say that because, over the weekend, the DNC named Tom Perez to be their chairman; over the popular, far-left Keith Ellison, who was the choice of the party base.  Again, protests are breaking out over the establishment choice.

As a side note, the Trump Administration is getting all kinds of flak from the left about having so many CEO’s and bankers among the cabinet; yet the Dems elected as their Chairman a guy who is arguably one of the biggest friends that the banking industry has in politics.  Hypocrisy from the Dems as well as amnesia?  No way.  Couldn’t be.