Dems Don’t Like the Sunshine, Apparently

Y’all may have heard about the 17 Attorneys General who are trying to sue Exxon and other companies for fraud, claiming that the fossil-fuel industry is hiding the true effects of “climate change”.  Well, it turns out, according to this article in The Washington Times, that those Attorneys General don’t want the public to know what they are doing.  From TWT post:

Democratic attorneys general signed a secrecy agreement aimed at keeping hidden the details of their investigation into climate change dissenters, according to documents released Thursday.

The Common Interest Agreement was signed in April and May by representatives for 17 attorneys general as part of their collaborative pursuit of fossil fuel companies, academics and think tanks that challenge the narrative of catastrophic climate change.

Such agreements are typically used by prosecutors on investigations involving litigation, but the pact signed by AGs United for Clean Power was different. The agreements were “clearly drafted to obstruct open-records requests while these AGs carried out a political campaign against their critics,” said the Energy and Environment Legal Institute, which obtained the documents.

What a surprise:  Democrats who try to hide their actions from public scrutiny.  Where could we possibly have seen this story before?  Go, y’all, and follow the link to the Washington Times story, and get the facts.  You will see this material again, I’m betting.