Dianne Feinstein exposed in her hypocrisy

A little before three o’clock this morning, I was awakened by an adolescent male cat who was annoyed at being the only one awake.  The adrenaline rush produced by having a whiskered , yowling snout literally shoved into my sleeping ear in the wee hours prevented me from going back to sleep for a while, so I got up and looked for something to read.

I found this post by Howard Nemerov at PJ Media.  I’m not going to quote from the post, because y’all need to go and read the whole thing.  I’ll just say this:  Mr. Nemerov’s post strips the cover of unearned moral superiority off of Dianne Feinstein and her love of demonizing the NRA for representing it’s membership’s concerns.  Using real numbers, Nemerov compares spending habits of the NRA and the American arms industry with Michael Bloomberg and the vast amounts of money that he spends to limit 2nd Amendment rights; proving, like a boss, that Feinstein only has problems with certain KINDS  of money being spent to influence policy.  Go, now, and read what Mr. Nemerov has to say.  You’ll be glad you did.

Addendum:  Razor the cat came away from waking me unscathed, but he wasn’t so lucky with my female cat, Wednesday, who was highly miffed at having her slumber disturbed.  Wednesday knocked Razor off the bed and proceeded to beat his furry little butt all the way down the hall.  Justice was served.


Wednesday, following me to get the newspaper