Did BLS Report Bogus Jobless Stats Before 2012 Election? Feb18


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Did BLS Report Bogus Jobless Stats Before 2012 Election?

Censusgate is one of the latest in the Scandalpalooza of the Obama Presidency.  See this article in the Washington Post.

Bureau of Labor Statistics Logo

Bureau of Labor Statistics Logo


Remember when the unemployment numbers dropped two months before the 2012 elections?  It seems like maybe the Census Bureau may have reported some imaginary numbers to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, who may have known the numbers were hinky and reported them anyway, or at least that’s the allegation.  From The WP article:

In late August 2011, a manila envelope containing evidence of falsified data was sent to Keith Hall, who was then in charge of the BLS. “The Philadelphia Regional office [of Census] … engaged in a cover-up after it was reported that members of its staff falsified data in an effort to meet goals,” said the anonymous letter, a copy of which I have in front of me.

The letter identified the two supervisors who arranged the cover-up.

“In an effort to satisfy the sponsor [the BLS] … the numbers were literally made up,” said the tipster.

The BLS never acted on the letter. And that’s ironic because Hall, who was pushed out of the Labor Department in 2012, had been skeptical of the truthfulness of the BLS’s jobless numbers.

There’s a lot more at the source link.  Y’all should check it out.  I remember a lot of us shaking our heads back in September of 2012 when the Democrats began touting Obama’s magical “recovery”.  If it looks too good to be true, y’all, it probably is, is all I’m sayin’.

h/t Powerline