Don’t Apologize for Your Christianity

I think we’ve all heard stories, most often from our Liberal, secular, friends, of Christians who think they are better than everyone else.  I’ve heard those stories, too, but I’ve never met anybody who thought their faith in Christ made them better than others.  I live in Alabama, where churches as thick as the kernels on a corn-cob, too, so you’d think I’d be meeting up with Holier-than-thou Christians all the time, right?

I’ve known some people, and lots of them, who put themselves on a pedestal from which they could look down on others;  but their pedestal ain’t their faith, frankly.  Those folks have an inflated opinion of themselves for all kinds of silly reasons, such as their bank account, education, or status in the community.   I have no personal need to apologize for those folks.  I’m a Christian, and all of the Christians that I know are well aware of their own sinful natures; my fellow Christians know that the redemption from their sins is obtained through Grace, and not from any inherent worthiness.

Enter the following video from BuzzFeed.  I’ll wait right here while y’all give it a viewing, and we’ll meet up after the break.

Did you catch all that?  I believe the point of that video was to make the rest of us Christians, who actually believe what the Bible says, are supposed to be ashamed of ourselves.  The actual point, though, is that the kids in that video are more concerned about how the secular world sees them than they are about how God sees them.  There’s something intrinsically wrong with that distinctly Liberal view, though, isn’t there?  I think I’ll let Alfonzo Rachel explain.  Watch his short video, please.

My fellow Christians, you and I do not owe Liberals an apology for trying our hardest to follow the teachings of Christ.  Jesus was perfect.  God is perfect.  The Righteousness of God is perfect, and God owes no one an apology.

I do feel bad, though, for not explaining Christ’s wondrous Love in a fashion that makes more people want to experience it.  If an apology to Liberals is owed, then I’m sorry for not being clear enough in telling the world why my faith in Christ is the best thing, ever, and the most joyful experience that I’ve ever known. If anything about my Christian faith causes me pain, it’s that I don’t tell enough people the Gospel, and I don’t bear Witness enough of how much I’ve been changed for the better through the Grace of God, and the gift of the indwelling Holy Spirit.

I don’t apologize for my faith; but I do feel bad that I’m such a poor communicator of the blessedness of my faith in Christ.  I still can’t embrace the sins that are so lauded by the kids in the BuzzFeed video, and for that, I ain’t sorry at all.