Don’t Talk to Me About Planned Parenthood’s Mythical Concern for Women’s Health

First, take a look at this article from Media Research Center about a Planned Parenthood clinic in Mobile Alabama, and how the clinic failed to report multiple rape of a fourteen year old girl.  From the MRC post:

Within a four-month period, a 14-year-old girl had two abortions at the Mobile, Alabama, Planned Parenthood clinic – but, the clinic did not inform the police as required by law, the Ala. Health Dept. reports. Making matters worse, before the two abortions the 14-year-old had already given birth to two other children. Those were the findings of the Alabama Department of Public Health based on its inspection of the Mobile facility conducted in November 2014.  (emphasis theirs)

Forget about the rapes and stuff, Planned Parenthood got paid for those abortions, y’all.  Does it seem like money is what Planned Parenthood really cares about?  It’s starting to look that way to me.  If the above were an isolated case, the Pro-abortionists would have a better argument, but y’all need to read all of the MRC article, because it details other incidents similar to the one in Mobile.

Your tax dollars, approximately 500 million of them, go to Planned Parenthood.  That means that the rapes are being ignored IN YOUR NAME.  If we, as a nation, continue to allow this to happen on our watch, we will assume the horrible mantle of guilt for the Holocaust-level numbers of annual abortions in the United States.  We have to stop this, y’all.